Cherrytree Support Services Ltd.

Cherrytree Support Services accommodates and supports 16-21 year old who are homeless

What We Offer

Cherrytree offers accommodation, support, and in-house counselling for 16-21-year-olds in Sheffield.

Accommodation is based on two sites across Sheffield. One is a twenty-bed hostel in Totley on the edge of the Peak District. The other is an eight-bedroomed house near the City Centre.

Young people, who for whatever reason, do not have a safe place to stay are referred by the Council to Cherrytree. Here they are provided with accommodation and personalised support.

Our Work

Our work at Cherrytree is informed by Psychologically Informed Environments, Trauma Informed Care, Person Centred Support and the principles of the Strength Based Mayday Trust Model.

Cherrytree sees young people as central to their own transition out of homeless.

Our aim is to tap into a young person’s strengths and enable them to create the life they want.