Cherrytree Support Services Ltd.

What we do

Cherrytree provides homeless young people with Accommodation and personalised support to help them to build the life they want.

Making a difference

Our personalised support is informed by Psychologically Informed Environments

We provide shelter, 24/7 support and In House Counselling

We believe that young people are the key to their own success

Our Services

Cherrytree has two sites, where homeless young people can stay and recieve personalised support to help them to find their own place.

This is a new service, which will enable us to continue to provide practical support to young people after they have got their own tenancy.

Our In House Counsellor provides a confidential and safe space for young people to talk about anything that may be troubling them.

Being a PIE Organisation

A Psychological Informed Environment (PIE) is a particular approach to how we support our young people.

It is about understanding as an organisation, that the young people at Cherrytree may have experienced complex trauma, and involves staff helping them to better understand their behaviour, take responsibility for themselves and develop positive relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower young people, to create the life that they want, and that they feel in control of.