Personal Transitions Service (PTS)

Asset Coaches Mary and Jane

The Personal Transitions Service (PTS) offers personalised coaching for people going through the toughest of life’s transitions such as experiencing homelessness. The PTS is about focusing on strengths, relationships and purpose rather than focusing on needs and problems. It is also about connecting people with their own identity, building up their networks and finding them a purpose that means something to them.

Asset Coaches work with people so that they can transition out of their situations quickly and sustainably with a whole new community of support built around them. We offer highly personalised and strength- based coaching, local community links so people can build positive networks independent of support services and personalised opportunities that build on people’s interests. We meet wherever people want, never in an office.

We work with individuals between the ages of 16 and 21 and referrals can be made by contacting one of our Asset Coaches, Mary Power and Jane Richardson or the PTS Manager Sarah Tully.

Mary Power, Asset Coach, 07444748661

Jane Richardson, Asset Coach,, 07493282971

Sarah Tully, PTS Manager,, 0114 2620216